Korean traditional food | Seoul-style Bulgogi, just 150 bowls! Mountain meat galbi-tang "old-time Seoul bulgogi(옛맛 서울 불고기)"

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Live broadcast tonight on December 08, 2016 496 times [sold out soon good taste] perfect bowl 150! Mt.

Even if I have money, I can not eat even if I have time. Sold out soon! Good taste! The first menu is a bulgogi house in Seoul. Every day at 9 am, there were special people looking for this place, a bucket with a bucket in one hand and a purse in one hand !!! Guests who ran from early morning to come here in order to use the ribbang which sells only 70-150 bowl just for lunch every day! Reservation No! Phone Book NO! I can only book face only because it can be booked from the morning .. Seoul Gyeonggido Gangwon province and various places to eat this rib, but a lot of people gathered, but unfortunately, the reservation is only 150 minutes in 150 minutes! That taste is a motel in the sky. ~~ Let's let the lunch time at 12 o'clock come in! It will be the king of the mountain, the one who is in front of them! The price compared to other places is 8,000 won, but the amount of ribs is about 5 times !!!! I see that the mouth of the viewer is open ~ ~! 150 bowls per day! The meat used for that amount is about 300kg of about 3 small cows ..! Not only do you use domestic soy sauce, but also you do not put anything except water and meat in your boss's secret! It is a natural seasoning that makes a huge amount of meat more deep and richer than seasoning. In order to make the traditional bulgogi meat, the meat was made with good quality meat and it was too much to be thrown away. It was too bad to throw it away. In the end, the galbiot served as a service to the guests came to the formal menu with the request of the guests. I transformed it !!! The boss is preparing to boil the ribs every day from 5 am every day! Stand up to Gwangheungchang right now to taste his delicate ribbing!



Lunch-limited mountainous galbiotang

| Old-fashioned Seoul Bulgogi

# Address: 15-4 Changjeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

# Phone: 02-336-9371

# Homepage: http://cafe.naver.com/oldbulgogi

# Hours: 16:30 to 21:00 daily

# Menu Guide

Bulgogi 16,000 won (소 불고기)

Cattle sirloin 16,000 won (소 등심)

Galbitang 8,000 won (갈비탕)

mukuk 7,000 won (무국)

Seolleungtang 6,000 won (설렁탕)

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