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|Restaurant Name:jeong-ganesutajjamppong(정가네수타짬뽕)

#address: Gyeongin-si, Sujeong-gu, Mei-ro 70(경기 용인시 수지구 고기로 70)

#telephone: 031-896-3303

#Web Site: http://www.jungga.kr/


There is a soup noodle shop in Shonan. It is mussel, mussel, shellfish, seafood, chanpon specialty store which is more than mussel. Yongin Resin Restaurant This house is making issues with Yinin Resin Restaurant. November 12, 2013 SBS live broadcast Today, the best restaurant in the 43rd year with a good restaurant, and the emperor champon and sashimi as well as KBS V j commando, SBS stocking, OBS Oi Matsuya, For years, Champon has a career. I will go to the emperor champon house.

#Business hours: Daily from 11:00 to 21:00 | Closed on Mondays 2nd week, 4th week

#Menu guidance

badauisin (so)25,000won

badauisin (jung)30,000won

badauisin (dae)40,000won





gwailtangsuyug (so)13,000won

dwaejigogitangsuyug (jung)15,000won

gwailtangsuyug (dae)23,000won


nagji hwangjejjamppong15,000won


(Chinese Restaurant) ⓒjeong-ganesutajjamppong


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